Filter Self-rescuer

ZL60 Filter Self-Rescuer (short for self-rescuer) is a protective device for personal breathing system, under normal temperature by using catalyst; it can change carbon monoxide in air into innocuous carbon dioxide. It applies to the environment where the concentration of oxygen is not less than 18% and carbon monoxide not more than 1.5%, for personal escape use.


Coal Mine Filter Self-rescuer for Escaping from Underground

Model: ZL60

Protective duration: ≥60min

Breathing temperature:≤60℃(1%CO)

Dimensions: 110×95×145mm

Weight: 1kg

Period of validity: In storage 5yrs & in carrying 3yrs

Standard: EN 404:2005


Carton size (paper carton): 560×245×200mm

Packing quantity: 10pcs

Gross weight: 10.9kg